Did you know that there is work to be done to earn some money online? A really dumb question? I didn’t think so!
Have you seen those money making offers? One after another is promising the golden solution, fighting for a place in your inbox. The Eureka! 

Ofcourse not. You always have to work on something. But what I hate about all these promises the most is, that the buyer has to go through a lot of pages to read and understand what needs to be done. A tremendous amount of videos to watch. And in the meantime another superb program is offered with even more money to be made in a single click without anything to do. I said with a single click, so you have to do something from the start.

And when you do, well lets face it, you have to read and watch and implement everything you learned. But then the game is on. The game of counting money coming in like a storm. Really? The reality is very different! I assure you. Sorry. You have to work on it with a certain pace, with a certain creativity, with a certain focus, with a certain business mindset, with a certain drive.

I can go on and on but you don’t like that, you already didn’t after the second certainty. Is’n it? Exactly, that is why you fail! You need perseverance! Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success! Yes, that is the work involved to have a ongoing internet business. Simple as it is. Not quite. There is even more to it.

But of course there is that one moment where you can say:

This is it, this is what I want to use and work on, this is the only niche I am interested in
and this will work for me one way or the other.

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