Fear of breaking your site’s responsiveness with your editing? A life-saver “desktop only” feature allows you to limit some of your specific edits to desktop devices only, with one click. Gather full control over your site’s appearance. Simply mouseover and click the element you want to edit and adjust it to fit your needs, live!

Hi, I am Hank Rooney and like you, a student of John’s P2S program. I want to tell you about a plugin that is taking away your fear of editing your site. This plugin is really a gem in the way of live editing, because you see instantly the changes you make. The next or best part is, that you never can go wrong, because you can go back and forth with or without editing, saving, quiting or not. The site looks the same or edited!

This is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize the look of your site, any site, with an easy and intuitive point and click interface. It allows you to easily edit, preview and control how your site displays on desktop and handheld devices. Use standard breakpoints or your custom ones. You’re in control of everything!

Device Mode Preview
Test tablet/mobile edits before pushing them online, crafting a responsive theme has never been so easy.

Device Specific Edits
Customize the way your theme appears on handheld devices, commit device-specific edits and preview them in a click.

Fearless Adjusting CSS
Yes, but now withoutknowledge of css! This plugin does not physically alter theme/plugin files in any way. That means deactivate the plugin and your site’s looks will revert to what they were before installing this tool. Activate the plugin again will show your site as you have made changes before!
And It’s 100% safe!

Install the plugin and get to work. And when you’re in total shock of what you’ve changed or not satisfied or even want to reverse everything. No problem at all! Deactivate the plugin and you’re back at where you have started. You see, I have tried this over and over again, therefor I can guarantee it works. I hated css because I just didn’t want it to learn, honestly. I wanted a plugin or software that could do my editing live and instantly without a steep learning curve.

This plugin installs in the background a css sheet and a small database. In there all your changes are saved automatically. Everything is changing outside the original files and folders! Isn’t that awesome! I was so surprised that this worked, because many programs leave you with errors and in the worst case your completely thrown out of WordPress. And you lose everything you worked on. This little awesome hero does not! No way!

Ok, enough advantages, what are the disadvantages? Well, I have to find them yet. I am not an expert and I work with this plugin the same way you will do, probably. At first with a bit of cautious. Trying to make some changes. Will it work? Mmm, yes it does! I did not read the documents. I went straight in and used the menu. Very simple to do.
Even for me, as I am not too savvy with this kind of new plugins. English is not my native language as you have noticed, but you understand how things work and feel my enthusiasm for this plugin.

Some of you will find a bug or have trouble with a menu item. No problem at all, because the support is awesome! They will answer your questions so you won’t get stuck or can’t go on. They are really there to help! With that out of the way let’s find out what this plugin is called and what it’s capable of!

CSSHERO is the plugin’s name and it is really its name worth.

How did I find this little gem? To be honest, I was advised by John to use optimizepress like we all are. Yeah, great? No, not for me, but I started to use it anyway. Copy the master and become successful as some will say. I have to set up a new blog!

In the OP program there is something like a hero in the pages that you can turn on and off. Kind of background part. Wow, I hated the thing from the beginning. I couldn’t get it the size I wanted. There you have it, that is the reason for me I searched for a plugin that could change this hero’s size. I was using OPv2. Probably by now I should use v3. I Googled around after I fiddled with everything within the site. No luck with my first search. After some days I searched again and found this plugin. This was something of interest. Could it be that good? Does it work as they say on their website? Mmm, I will try it because it looks promising to me. Before downloading, I watched some videos and played around with the plugin on their website.
I thought that this could be something I was searching for. The price of this little gem was modest, I bought the plugin and downloaded the file. Then uploaded it as a plugin and installed it. So far so good. No problems. From the company site I got a license and everything was activated. As I could see in the upper black bar of WP. An item called Customize with CSS Hero appeared, I ticked that and a white screen popped up. CSS Hero is loading!

Then it all happened!
Yes, I am excited to tell you about it.

You can download my free PDF,
that will guide you through the first steps
of adjusting the Hero in Optimizepress.

PDF Download link


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