Graphics & design

Let’s talk about some graphics and design products that might help you along the way. When you like to fiddle around with images then you need some programs that can help you in creating the image you want to use on your site. You want to draw, change colors, adjust size and look, you want to be able to add layers and special characters and fonts. Wow, that is too much, I want a simple program without all the bells and whistles. But I guarantee that you will soon want some extra possibilities to adjust when you get the hang of it. I also urge you to search the internet about graphic design and design in general. There is a world to get informed and to learn from on different sites. Keep in mind every time you are working on something, don’t copy an image nor a part of it! Never! You design your own image or whatever, you are the maker and you own then the copyright. But without copying someone else their creation. When you are in need of something free, go to There you will find a boatload of images you may download and use the way you like. So did I with the images on my site. Later on I will add some of my own, because I like this kind of image creation. And above all I like to show it to the world…

The following list is not yet ready to publish. As they often say: “tomorrow” it’s ready…


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