Messing up my blog

Since a day or three I am messing up my blog pages, post and images. Optimizepress gives me headaches. I am suggested to use OP and I just follow upon. But it is trial and error. Just because OP is new to me. Though the OP and Thrivethemes are called to work the same but I disagree for now.

I used to use Thrivethemes and I must say after some exercises with OP, I prefer Thrivethemes by a long shot. There are some glitches in OP that does seem to be bugs or it is just me. The longer you use a program the better it works. And that is just not true. The way we humans are presented with all the different programs, makes us compare instantly when we are busy.

Just the fact we are doing things in a way we are used to do. And not all programs are the same. When I use openoffice it works a bit different as microsoft excel does, but overall they work the same with some minor changes in the presentation. Well, enough said, I tell you about the nonsense I have been going through. Or shall I just forget it.

In the meantime I will still be using Thrivethemes because I just love all the options that OP is missing. Maybe I will change the whole site to TT and see if it looks the same. Probably not because we cant even agree on universal connections for battery chargers.

Thrive Architect is the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress. Easily create drag-and-drop layouts, add buttons and advanced content elements and much more…Even the preformatted landing pages and squeeze pages are easily adjusted. Everything in the program works seemingly together. Smooth as silk.

BUT…maybe Optimizepress will work the same after me using it for a longer time. Maybe not. We’ll see how I get along. Something new is always hard to get along with. Just like Photoshop with its steap learning curve. I rather use Photoshop Elements. Because of the same reasons I mentioned earlier.

I think you must reply on this…

Thank you for reading,
Hank Rooney


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