PLR products are an awesome asset to your portfolio when making money online. BUT you need traffic as always. What kind of traffic is needed? Is there a difference you might ask? Yes there is. I will dive into the deep with you to find a way you can get traffic for PLR products but also for other types of online products you sell. There must be some kind of traffic source for your niche. Of course there is! Lets get started.

BUT FIRST we need a template or theme for our website. I chose for a WordPress Theme that is easy to install. Very fast and it even has a membership part under the hood. Now don’t be scared because that come’s in handy in the near future. And besides that, it’s so easy to work with that a child can do the job. You heard that before, I know, but if you head over to SOCRATES you will understand what I mean.

Just research the whole site and watch the videos. I did that too when I saw all the written benefits of this theme. It is great to have something like this to work with. It is a pleasure to go to your site, login and do your marketing, your posts and adjustments. I have never had such a theme before. It is without all the bells and whistles so there is no need to be afraid, you can manage it! And the support is really outstanding! Thanks to Dan.

Hank Rooney

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