All week long I was waiting for this Saturday. Just having to do some things that would take several hours. Like I said in another post:”work needs to be done” So do I need to do some administration work. What! Administration? Get out of here. Yes, that has to be done as well. I will tell you that when you need some kind of loan you need to prove a lot of things that you are alive wealthy, with a job, have a car and own a house. Why a loan then? All the things I mentioned you need to have is not quite the case here. When you have some history in sports with your daughter it might get very costly. It might even get worse. So there you have it. Thats the reason why we needed a loan.

Today there are enough banks who love to have you as a customer. Certainly with the amount we are aiming at. Just call a bank and tell your problem. They are happy to give you a loan. There is not much choice because all the internet rates are the same. So what’s next? Customer service? Oke, they all listen and answer in the same way. They all know the problem is manyfold and they understand. Huh? A complete stranger is told a personal story and they understand? Wow, that is strange because at the same phonecall I can tell them anything and they understand. No they do not, are they sitting there with a crystal ball? Do they know the future? No of course not they have all seen and heard this many times before. I am not the only one who spit out bunch of lies and dreadful things to become their customer. No I am one of many. Therefor they can lend me money. They are rich.

So why all this administration thing you need to do. They must be convinced you can pay them back every month for years to come. They are afraid to walk over thin ice. They must be certain without a doubt you pay them back. Ok, then you need to give them everything you have upfront. Salary info, tax info, personal info, house info, other loans info, kind of car info, insurance info, marriage status info, boatloads of kids info, believe info, energy info, retirement info, hartbeat info, medical info, illness info, family info. Do you believe some is deciding on all that? Ofcourse not. They will look at your salary and what is going out for costs. Thats all. Ok, so many years and so much interest and in two days you have your money. The jackpot is in the house!

No it isn’t, it is gone the same time it is in your bankaccount. But you feel better now everything is settled. Is that all? Read again and you still have no clue what its all about getting a loan. Only the middle man can tell you what needs to be done. Wow, all these PDF’s sending to that guy. Gathering all this info is time consuming like hell. My complete Saturday is gone. You know what the price is for that? Should I let them pay for that? 12 hours in a lifetime for a loan. Mmmm, don’t get stuck and ask for a loan. It is very time-consuming. Or should I say it’s feeling really “Phantastyk?” I certainly accomplished something!


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