What is the need of this very special post? Senior Digital Lifestyle in short SDL, will be a place for the older people among us that are interested in some basic and more engaging information about all things internet.

Lets get into an example of how to get into FUNNELS:

Welcome to Paying Funnels!
just go to that site and come back when ready.

3 Steps To Create a Passive and 
Recurring Income Online!

This a website to get people interested on how they can start making passive and recurring income online. Feel free to go to the site and leave your email and start receiving the lessons. You can choose between 2 funnels.

One is a Funnel Franchise with Mark Wightley. The other is OPF Madness with Lee Murray. Both work together and are presenting awesome information with very easy to follow videos.

Any questions? Leave a comment below! I read them all myself and also answer them myself. How is that for a start?


Hank Rooney

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