I like to write something. It has something to do with affiliate programs that just launched! Wow, quite a few. Last week I got attacked in my mailbox with so many offers I got lost. Do you feel the same? I have no clue where to start. Pdf, E-books, websites, software, polished old software, polishes and spun e-books, videos, video programs, video enhancements software e-books with how to use pdf’s. Did I forget something? Early bird pricing on all of it.
Wow, I don’t know where to start. And all this is filling my mail box.

Do you feel the same? I bet you do.

How on earth can I earn online when using all this stuff. I mean I first have to read a lot, then all the videos to watch. And at last I can install the thing I bought. And then what? Ok, I need that pdf with the explanation. Very well done, but I am missing some pieces. Where to go for those? Well week is over and I have my mailing box again full of new shit. Here we go again. Another week of trial and error. Another week of not selling not earning. Only buying is not the solution.

Yes, that is the solution. That is hard, because you will loose all connections to your dear seller friend? You think this is smart? Yes. It is! Now disconnect from all distracting FB, WP, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and whatever you need to disconnect from!
What is happening? You don’t get emails. You don’t get bleeps someone is online to chat. You don’t need to watch that youtube ad. Do not connect with pinterest because you get distracted. Now you see and feel there is silence and peace of mind. Huh? But I need to know if that new software is already on the net for the early birds, it is cheaper that way! I don’t give a damn.

Silence can and will make you a better entrepreneur. Because there is no distraction, you will find out what you want faster. You will now find your niche you want to be in.

At last you have the ability to find your own way, your own goal and your own friends to connect to. Do this with second thoughts. Not instantly. Just give it a day or two to connect. Do you really need it to connect? Do you really need that new software? It is all to keep you busy with buying. Therefor you won’t earn a dime and the super affiliates will earn their millions. Dead simple.

Yes, start all over from now on and keep notes of what you want to do and what your goal is. Keep on track. Don’t let others sell you anything you don’t really need use or want. Because it is cheap? Come on, don’t act like the impuls buyer you need to sell to! Find them, don’t be one of them! Just find your own way of doing things. Maybe it will take longer maybe it will take more energy. So what? Earning tomorrow just is not available. It needs time! But now you can built a solid foundation. Without all that is above!

Hank Rooney

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