Is there a difference between traffic and visitors? Yes. I think traffic is the internet and visitors come to your site because they think they find something of value in your post or whatever you have to offer. Traffic on the other hand is not a specific group or individual that search something of value like the visitors.

Traffic although is a group, can be 100 or 1000 maybe tens of thousands. In those numbers are your visitors. Traffic is not invited to your site, visitors are. Inviting people to your site is something like direct mailing or e-mailing people that you have something of interest that could help solve their problem. I call this a direct lead. A leading or guiding to your page to solve their problem.

I could be wrong here, but I am writing this to get some attention and comments. I want to know if you think the same way. Together we could find a smart way to pass all the lead pages, squeeze pages, e-mail responders, solo ad programs and whatever is out there. Could we be smarter? Or do we need all these costly programs?

For now lets presume we don’t. Are we lost in the dark, can we have any contact with visitors to our site? How on earth should we arrange the invitation. How can we be sure people will visit our site. Do we need ads or facebook linked, Pinterest or instagram? When you enter the internet at first you are bombarded with everything you need to have a site and sell a product.

So I am now on the internet and running around without a clue what I am doing there. No direction at all. Why? Looking at the daily news? Ok, between the news we get big ads, hidden cookies and maybe framed into something we cannot get rid off. If you click the wrong link there is no news item anymore. You have to buy something. What the heck I only want the daily news! Lucky enough I can go back or hit the cross in the tab. Remove history all the way and I am not bothered anymore with those sneaky programs that needs your attention.

WRONG! they are still inside your computer! If you like it or not. Ok, I act like a traffic member without direct interest what to do what to read or watch. Sometimes I see an ad that forces me into buying something. So I need a red traffic light to stop this nonsense. I want to go in another direction. Ok, lets get a right turn here, into the local news. Nothing of interest here. Lets move on.

On the other side we see a shop of interest because I need some shoes. Lets dive in. Well that is too expensive. I now get an ad to visit another shop. Lets click on that. No, those are too modern, I don’t like that. Lets go to that shop where they sell Casual stuff. Where was that shop? On the other side of the town. Ok, head over back to where we started. I am a traffic member without real interest by myself to find me the goods I am looking for.

These ads guide me in a direction I don’t want to be. They do decide what I want, of course not, I am the boss! But in the meantime all visits are saved into my computer and in my history there are all kind of little gems that guide me to those shops that sell shoes and casual shoes. So who is the boss here? You or the computer? Or even those companies behind the shoes? Tell me! Ok, I am traffic not a visitor. I am not invited.

The ad invited me to come to the shop but I have no interest of buying shoes. Although I was hinted to a casual shop because of the price of that other shoe shop. But I did not buy a pair of shoes. How come? Because I was part of the traffic I was not guided in the right way. I was not in the mood to buy shoes. So there you have it.

That is traffic and we all are part of it. Lets look at the visitors, shall we? That is far more of interest as sellers of products, special products. Ok, a visitor comes to the shop because he was looking in the window and saw something that might be helpful. You see what I write here? Helpful is the word that is key. Now hold on you say, what is the use of helping people? Helping you buying shoes? OFCOURSE!

Help them find their shoes! Help them find the solution of not buying red but black shoes. Maybe because of the occasion? Talk to them to find out what their problem is. Show them images of other brands you carry. Guide them in the right way. Yes that is not easy. But internet marketing is not easy, it is work, work to be learned. And if you do, it will reward you handsomely. So traffic and visitors can help you.



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