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This is my very first post on my brand new “Phantastyk” blog. Over the coming weeks and month’s you will see this blog transform. Follow me on my journey as I help my Partnership to Success friends build their business so we flourish together.

Long, long ago it all started with my brothers Commodore 64. Do you remember the countless hours of programming? Wow, Basic 2.0! That was awesome, back in those days. With a cassette tape and later the floppy disc. You only shouldn’t fold it. Sometimes the disc was jammed and you pushed it harder into the reader… Countless hours in a second gone. Great stuff. And later in time we all went to Apple Macintosh or the PC. Those were days of real tech improvements. Those were also the days that the die hards were again busy with programming in other languages. We all had cubic eyes because those monitors streamed light that was so strong. When you closed your eyes you could still see what you had typed, pages long. After those years the computers became a must in all households. And because at work the newest technology was introduced at home we needed the same stuff. Yes, Windows came along and nailed everyone in front of their monitor. Well, we all know how that was working. Blue screens everywhere! Mmmm, not quite as sofisticated as it should be.

We all know about the battle between Apple and Microsoft. Earning a boat load of money to invent the mobile phone. They micronised the computers into handheld phones. Today we all walk around with computers on our ears. We can work with excel and windows on our phone! Ofcourse they have other names but in the end it comes all down to MS-DOS. Or is it 1 and 0, yes and no. Good or bad? Mmm, I am carried away here. The human race cannot live without computers. In the future we are all born with phones in our hands. Or maybe built in already before birth? Well, I think we have gone mad. But the other side is that now I am writing I realize sitting behind my iMac using a formatted program that can change this story to broad, narrow and medium lines. Just with one push of a button. How is that for a change! You type your story and you set the characters per line and push enter. Copy and paste it into your post. Ready to publish. Awesome stuff! So where brings us this piece of programming?

Well, let’s have a look in this blog. What do you see? Post after post after post. All done with Word-Wrap. How easy can it get. There is something else you say? Ok, we all know how computers can manipulate almost everything, as long as the program is written in the way we want it to present what we want it to do. So, we need programs that makes life easier and at the same time can be sold. There is my point, at last, pffff. Software must interest people in a way they instantly buy it for their own use, or maybe help others. It must make life easier.

How can it help others? Well, when I show the advantages to others I should also be able to sell it. There you have it: the Affiliate! Awesome stuff to think about. So you put up some links and people will tick those, go to the sales page and buy the program, from you. Easy enough and very lucrative if done right! Done right you ask? Yes, in there lies a lot of money to be made! Just think about it. And now we will continue to the part I got derailed, completely. Because it is not easy to sell online!

Mostly, my internet marketing trials and errors has been a negative experience, but the preparation for it wasn’t. Since 1995 I always started fresh and positive with new programs. Back then there were not many programs and even affiliates were counted on one hand. Since the last decade I was running around on the internet to find me software that could make me some money.

And with my ongoing search for success, I could not have been offered so much different programs, due to my broad interest, as I received in my email box. I got bombarded with emails in where the sender told me he had found that one golden nugget, senders still do nowadays… It was hard to choose from. Ofcourse, I did not have any plan or specific niche. The result, nothing worked the way I wanted. Just because of starting one program after another and not finishing a single one. – Quite honest to say, I think -.

I started with programs that had login problems, time and time again. Programs that half way ended the course and some crappy videos. Going up and down in pdf’s and e-books, these programs made me scream, because it was all too long and too complicated. Support was not always at hand right away. Sometimes it took days to get an answer. Now and then it was completely beside the subject what I asked for. Sure my English is not good but most of the times I explained my error in a simple and short way. I have read and watched a lifetime of ebooks, pdf’s and watched videos. Pfff!

The knowledge I gathered from that has brought me to a point of complete chaos and an overwhelmed feeling in my mind. I asked myself time and time again how to get started and continue with only one solution to earn online. They can do it, so can I. O, so wrong! I assume that some of you reading this feel the same. And some of you will find this a nonsense story because of earning online and having ongoing success. Phantastyk I say! Because I like people who have success, but at the same time I never think about the way how they did it and what has brought them to this success. And maybe they struggled for many years. Like me or us?

I try to find my own way and that is probably the wrong way to go. There is always something new and will distract me from what I am trying to accomplish. Hopping from one program to another and not finishing on one. I start with making something that takes me hours and in the meantime I get distracted by the emails, offering more and different success programs. Going on with what I had started looks to me as something people may also like to see. But the content fails, time and time again.

When I think about this I see only hurdles. When this has finished and brought me success what is next? Do I go the same route and what kind of content do I need then? Sometimes I see programs that look easy to work with and I get a feeling of “yes this might be the idea of how to do things”. But it takes a lot of time to fire it up and giving some kind of reward.

During the day when I am at work sometimes I think about this. Yes I have a job, a regular job where I help and support people in training their skills. Doing this is something I have to pay for within IM programs. There is a similarity but I don’t see the same quality I deliver and the help within IM. I know where to start and most of the time I get things done. Sometimes even without distraction. Unsubscribing from a bunch of emailresponders does wonders. Less distraction. It works!

Closing all kinds of internet programs while working on something new is a necessity. Staying focused is the number one solution to get things done. So, with all of these things of negativisme, hurdles and objections: “What do you want to accomplish? Where to start and to go with? I have so many ideas! To be honest, it comes back to only one thing: “Get a Coach! ”.

Hank Rooney

Thanks for reading.

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